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All Saints Berkshires Episcopal Church

59 Summer Street

North Adams, MA 01247

(413) 664-9656

Weekly Worship

Saturdays @ 4:00pm – Service of Holy Eucharist (Rite II)


9:15am – Church School for Children (the children are brought into the church from the Sunday school in time for Communion) !check dates for summer Sunday school on What's Happening?

9:30am – Service of Holy Eucharist (Rite II with Organ Music and Choir) 

What Worship is like at All Saints

Worship at All Saints is a celebration of thanksgiving to God! All are welcome!

We invite you to come as you are... Dressed casual or more formal both are just fine here.  

Holy Eucharist (also called the Mass, Holy Communion or The Lord's Supper) lasts about an hour. The service is a spiritual journey where we learn, pray and give praise and thanks to God. We hear the Word of God from Scripture, we listen to the homily a reflection on the scriptures, and pray for ourselves and the world. We then are fed spiritually, in the Holy Commuion; nourished by the bread and wine, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, and by what we have heard, and then sent out into the world to do our best at what God is calling us to do. 

In the middle of the service, right after "The Prayers of the People," the priest will greet the congregation with the words "The peace of the Lord be always with you."  The congregation replies by saying "And also with you." Then there is an exchange of "the peace of the Lord" by shaking hands or some other greeting. You may simply greet those who are right around you or venture farther afield and greet others as well. 

Standing, Sitting, Kneeling, Bowing

If you've never been to church or if you're from another religious tradition, you might find all the movement during our worship services a little confusing. Generally we stand at the beginning of the service for hymns and for the gospel reading. We sit for other readings, the sermon, and announcements. And we either stand or kneel to pray, whichever you prefer. You will also see some people - though not everyone - bowing and making the sign of the cross at various times during the service. These are completely optional acts of personal piety and you should do whatever feels most comfortable for you without fear of doing the "wrong" thing. If you have questions about these practices, ask the Priest-in-Charge.

Taking Communion

All baptized Christians are welcome and encouraged to take communion. The only other requirement is that you have confessed your sins to God (not to a priest, although that is an option if you desire to do so) and have resolved to amend your life. There is nothing that you have ever done in your life that can disqualify you from taking communion. Communion is medicine for your soul and we hope you will take communion as often as possible. If you are divorced and remarried, you are also very welcome to receive communion. Instructions for how to take communion are printed in the service bulletin.

Coffee Hour

There is a gathering in the Parish Hall immediately following the Sunday morning service. We hope you will join us for coffee and light refreshments and conversation.

Church Shopping?

Shopping for a church? Looking to make a fresh start in your relationship with God? Why not give us a try?

Many people shop for a church by going to a service and then making a decision right then about whether they want to keep going to that church. If it’s “love at first sight” that’s a good way to do it. But all churches do things a little differently and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what’s going on and really feel comfortable in a new place. So, we suggest visiting a new church at least three times before deciding whether to settle in. We also suggest having a conversation with the church’s clergy and other leaders to see if the community is a good fit for you.